The Flannel Flower is a really charming Aussie small shrub and provides grey/ green foliage along with a profusion of these captivating flowers from October through to January. With a very light trim to maintain shape after flowering gently remove browned off leaves grouped around lower stem.Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) can be successfully grown in a pot.Wahlenbergia gracilis. Through selective weeding ie: only weeding out known weeds and sometimes waiting to see what eventuates with an interesting seedling, the result can be quite rewarding.Epacris longiflora. This hardy, sprawling heath plant is a reliable and colourful addition. Hibiscus heterophyllus is a medium to large shrub of open habit, from about 3-6 metres high. The leaves are up to 200 mm long by 100 mm wide and may be linear to oval shaped either entire or 3-lobed. Flowers are large, up to 150 mm in diameter of typical hibiscus shape.Wonga Wonga vine (Pandorea cultivar) can be grown in a pot in areas where garden soil is not available eg: on an upper deck as in this example.Snake Vine (Hibertia scandens) This is a young example successfully growing in a pot.Goodenia ovata. This specimen is self seeded and a delight in this Tathra garden giving a splash of yellow over the rich green foliage several times a year for long periodsPhebalium (Dulcies Delight) in Tathra garden. Likes a semi protected site with part shadeMyoporum parvifolium Pink Form. This is a hardy and very effective ground cover that spreads to 3m diameter.Native Violets (Viola hederacie) foreground, Boobialla (Myoporum parvifolium) middle and Hibertia dentata rerarGrevillea sericea is a reliable and colourful shrub with pink spiders flowers. It can range in size from just 500mm to 4m!Grevillea Royal Mantle. A common ground cover that is both beautiful and reliable. Regular trimming promotes new growth and a dense habit that discourages unwanted plants from growing through it.Hibertia dentata and Dichondra repens combining to make a dense and attractive ground coverFrom Western Australia the native hibiscus (Alogyne huegelii) is an attractive addition. It needs some protection from the elements to ensure longevityThe unmatched Waratah "Telopea speciosisima" is the floral emblem of NSW and another native plant that is a very viable garden plant. It has rich green leathery foliage and can produce many flowers in the right conditions.Grevillea 'Molly' is a good long lasting and hardy specimen for a pot.Flag Grass (Libertia paniculata)Poa labillardieri  requires plenty of moisture and yearly cutting back. These healthy Poas are growing in clay soil with plenty of runoff from the driveway.Poa labillardieri  requires plenty of moisture and yearly cutting back to the ground level  as shown in this photo to avoid dormancy.Grevillea Deua FlameKangaroo Paw (Anigozanthus pulcherimus x). After flowers have started to turn brown remove flower stems back to the ground to get results like this.Pandorea pandorana (Flirty Bells) is a reliable and very attractice climber. It does need some trimming to keep it tidy and out of shrubs that may succumb to its weight.The Hairpin Banksia (Banksia spinulosa) is a species of woody shrub, of the genus Banksia in the Proteaceae family, native to eastern Australia. Banksia Roller Coaster. This ground cover developed from the Banksia integrifolia is fantastic for spilling down embankments and over wallsBanksia blechnifolia is an unusual and interesting Banksia groundcover with fern like foliage and Banksia men that emerge from the groundLomandra Lime Wave is a hardy and very atttractive 'grass' that will grow just about anywhere even under Eucalypyts requiring little water to thriveOne example of how to utilise the Lomandra Lime Wave. Here they thrive in a mound of ordinary soil under Gum treesChamelaucium Blush gives a nice flush of colour several times a year
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